Bicycle Cargo

Our Bicycle cargo is a technological marvel. It is powered by the state-of-the-art Electric Drive Unit and the vehicle incorporates all the latest technology available in this category. It is completely sensor-driven and is integrated with the latest cloud technology offering advanced features like Navigation assists, Digital display, Anti-theft features, and ride statistics for analytics. The key benefits are as follows:

Eco-friendly and Quiet: This eco-friendly bicycle has zero-emission levels and is quieter than the vehicles powered by conventional fuels, which don’t cause noise pollution as well.

Energy Availability: All the vehicles are launched with Lithium batteries which can be charged from home or any electrical charging station.

Low Fuel Costs: Unlike conventionally fueled vehicles, electric vehicles have low fuel costs and a low cost of maintenance.

Driving Comfort: Having carbon fibre and lightweight components, has a high-powered motor that can run fast with minimum power consumption.

Technical Specifications
Vehicle Dynamic
Vehicle Model NORD_B1
Kerb Weight 25 Kg
Payload 120 Kg
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 145 Kg
Tyre 2.5 – 28
Vehicle Length 1800 mm
Vehicle Width 560 mm
Vehicle Height 1007 mm
Wheel Base 597 mm
Ground Clearance 167 mm
Maximum Speed 25 kmph
Time to reach maximum speed 10 sec
Gradient 17°
Expected Range 60 km
Front Brake Disc Brake
Rear Brake Disc Brake
Cargo Box
Cargo Box Length 320 mm
Cargo Box Width 450 mm
Cargo Box Height 500 mm
Maximum Cargo Weight 50 Kg
Effective Cargo Box Volume 2.25 ft3
Voltage System 48V
Motor Continous Power 550 W
Motor Peak Power 1000 W
Motor Continous Torque 11 Nm
Motor Peak Torque 60 Nm
Battery Type Lithium/Graphene Battery
Battery Pack 4 x 12V 17Ah*