Tricycle Cargo

Nordische Technologies is bringing worlds-class vehicle Engineering technology for the development of both urban and rural mobility solutions. The vehicle incorporates all the latest technology available in this category. This is a complete sensor-driven next-generation vehicle that understands transportation regulations around the world.

1. Eco-friendly and Quiet: Solar-powered vehicles have zero emission levels, as they don’t utilize non-renewable resources and burn fuel. The electric motors generate electricity that doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases or any other pollutants. These vehicles are quieter than the vehicles powered by conventional fuels, which don’t cause noise pollution as well.
2. Energy Availability: Solar vehicles derive their power from the sun, indirectly, which always shines and provides endless energy. The efficient solar panels can produce and store more horsepower for the vehicle.
3. No Fuel Costs: Unlike conventionally fueled vehicles, solar vehicles have no fuel costs and a low cost of maintenance.
4. Driving Comfort: Having Aluminium and lightweight components, solar-powered vehicles run faster.

Technical Specifications





Vehicle Dynamic

Vehicle Model


Kerb Weight

150 Kg


170 Kg

Gross Vehicle Weight


320 Kg


2.5 – 16, 6PR

Vehicle Length

2696 mm

Vehicle Width

1044 mm

Vehicle Height

1770 mm

Wheel Base

1997 mm

Ground Clearance

236 mm





Maximum Speed

25 kmph

Time to reach maximum


10 sec



Expected Range

60 km

Front Brake

Drum Brake

Rear Brake

Drum Brake



Head Light

12V 35W Lamp

Front Indicator


Tail Light

12V Combination LED



Cargo Box with Solar Panels

Cargo Box Length

1050 mm

Cargo Box Width

900 mm

Cargo Box Height

1000 mm

Maximum Cargo Weight

100 Kg

Effective Cargo Box Volume

30 ft3

Semi Flexible Solar Panels

2 Nos – 800 mm x 800 mm

2 x 95WP

2 Nos – 800 mm x 1000 mm

2 x 140WP





Voltage System


Motor Continuous Power

650 W

Motor Peak Power

1000 W

Motor Continuous Torque

2.07 Nm

Motor Peak Torque

13.5 Nm

Battery Type

Lead Acid

Battery Pack

4 x 12V 33Ah*