Charging Station Solutions

Our partners have been serving clients since over a century with cost-effective and high-quality products for utilities, industry, infrastructure and transport.  Not only that, the revolution has been complimented with strong IT support cloud services. There are a number of advantages with our products and they are:

  • Modular and redundant construction to ensure continuous operation.
  • Industry-grade components to ensure a long lifetime and robust operation.
  • Future-proof, easily upgradable technology.
  • Remote maintenance and support for an
    effective, timely response to any irregularity.
  • Supports the open communication protocol OCPP.
  • Stainless steel powder-coated cabinets for
    durability, even in cold or humid climates.
  • User-centred design validated by user tests.
  • Remote charger’s power management.

The charging station works on 24/7/365 monitored platform which offers the following benefits: 

  • Flexibility: connect to any charging network, back office, payment platform or energy management solution.
  • Upgradability: benefit from the latest industry standards.
  • High availability of the service: based on Microsoft Azure’s robust platform.
  • Cost efficiency: avoid development and maintenance costs of proprietary software solutions.

Charging Scenarios

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